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2020-03-31 14:52

Persons planning foreign travel should contact their SSO to determine their organizations foreign travel and foreign contact policy. The following information is a general purpose travel briefing. Detailed briefings may be obtained from the nearest military intelligence or counterintelligence representative.The system facilitates the processing of official travel requests for DoD personnel and other individuals who travel pursuant to DoD travel orders. DTS provides information to financial systems to provide the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by individuals while traveling on official business. defense travel system briefing

Programs& Services Defense Travel System User Roles User Roles. This page provides a brief overview of DTS user roles. For resources (i. e. , training materials, quick reference guides, etc. ) associated with user roles, please visit the Training page of the DTMO website.

Defense Travel System 2017 Annual DTS Refresher Training Travel to formal military schools (TECOM funded) Attendance at technical, scientific, professional, or of Defense to require both DoD civilian employees and members to stay in government (DoD Lodging), The Defense Travel System is provided as a public service by the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). Information presented on the DTS homepage is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified.defense travel system briefing DEFENSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGENCY P. O. BOX 549 FORT MEADE, MARYLAND. DISA INSTRUCTION 11 June 2014 TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION. DEFENSE TRAVEL SYSTEM C12. 1 Mandatory Use. C12. 2 Use of the Government Travel Card. C12. 3 Electronic Funds Transfer and Split Disbursement.

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Mar 21, 2019 Officers are required to attend a Levy brief within 15 days of request for orders (RFO). S1s are notified when enlisted Soldiers are placed on assignment. Reassignment briefings are held in Building 253 Room 1100. Please see your S1 to complete and turnin a Levy packet prior to attending the briefing. defense travel system briefing The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, endtoend travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations (TDY travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split reimbursement between their bank accounts and the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) DEFENSIVE SECURITY& FOREIGN TRAVEL BRIEFING. It is increasingly apparent that foreign countries are targeting newly developed, critical technologies (usually unclassified) having direct military application. This includes dualuse technology such as integrated circuitry, fiber optics, and software that have both military and nonmilitary uses. Attend an info session (briefing) at your local personal property office; Visit PCSmyPOV if you plan to ship a privately owned vehicle (POV): e. g. , car, truck, motorcycle, etc. Defense Travel System Modernization Would Not Have Happened Without USDS. The Defense Travel System, which accommodates about 3. 5 million DoD travelers, was created in the 1990s. Once the DoD bought the source code from the company that built it, the IT officials began developing over the original source code to customize the system.