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Timetravelling cop show inspired a remarkably similar timetravel drama that bombed out (to do it) against the backdrop of this very specific time. It was also the zenith of TV's classicSep 22, 1997 Time Travel Movies and TV Shows a list of 42 titles created 18 Nov 2016 Futuras pelis a list of 59 titles A cop from the future is sent back to contemporary times to track down fugitives hiding in the past. Stars: Dale Midkiff, Elizabeth Alexander, Peter Donat. time travel cop tv show

List of television series that include time travel. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This The TV Show Honey, They Call Me The Space Cowboy (season 1) The family goes back to 1864 to view a comet, but end up helping an alien recover his spaceship from thieves.

BBC timetravel cop show Life on Mars is getting remade in China after BBC Studios and Phoenix Entertainment inked a deal. U. K. based film and TV firms still have a way to go to close Tag: TV. Arrowverse midseason preview: Where The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl go next. Syfy's timetravelling cop show Continuum coming back for S2. Contributed by. Trent Moore. @trentlmoore. Mar 26, 2013. Its a smart show, and is just starting to scratch the surface of its intriguing timetravel premise.time travel cop tv show 15 Time Travel TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now, From 12 Monkeys to Dark (Photos) Prehistoric monsters, dangerous metahumans and confused scientists these time travel

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May 24, 2016 Time Travel TV Shows Time Travel Television Series The Master List Comments Showing 150 of 125 (125 new) post a comment previous 1 2 3 next time travel cop tv show The first time travel tale to ever appear on television was in 1959 on The Twilight Zone, and since then there have been scads of timetripping adventures available to viewers, some good and some bad. May 27, 2012 They had other plans. A time travel device sent us all back 65 years. I want to get home, but I can't be sure what I will return to if history is changed. Their plan? To corrupt and control the present in order to win the future. What they didn't plan on, was me. A cop (Rachel Nichols) is accidentally sent to 2012 from the year 2077 along Top 10 Time Travelling TV shows. Here are our top ten favourite time travel shows of all, ahem, time By Jonathan Taylor 66, 333 The 40 Greatest Cop Shows of All Time. By Shannon M. Houston solving murders and maintaining the kind of lovehate relationship that has been the heart of buddy cop movies and TV shows for