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This iconic footage of a person apparently talking on a cellphone in a Charlie Chaplin film is just one clue that time travel is happening all around us. man often called Time TravelingTime travel claims and urban legends Jump to navigation Jump to search. There have The Time Traveling Hipster became a case study in viral Internet phenomena in museums which was presented at the Museums and the Web 2011 conference in The items in his possession suggested that the man had traveled through time from 1876 to 1950 directly. time traveling man photo

Apr 24, 2018  Time travel SHOCK: 'Time traveller' from 2082 shows photo of DINOSAUR from the past Life after death: Man travels through universe accompanied by

Jan 02, 2018 This supposed time traveler claims to have brought back a picture from the year 6000. We recently met up with this man in an undisclosed location as he told us his story. He says he was part of a Classic Urban Legend: The Time Traveling Hipster. waffles. December 10, 2015. but Kodak did produce cameras of this size at the time. Another man in the image is also holding a camera. resemble the side shades in the sunglasses worn by the man in the 1940 photo. Barbara Stanwyks sunglasses are merely casting a shadow which resembletime traveling man photo Aug 13, 2012  11 Time Traveler Urban Legends That Pretty Much Debunk Themselves. a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorianera duds popped up in

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319 Replies to Are These Images Proof of Real Time Travel? Leave a Reply maststowers that now pepper the countryside these days didnt exsist then so any mobile phones taken back to the time of the photo wouldnt work they had me at time traveling hipster lol. but man the cell phone bit was just retarded. that could be time traveling man photo This mysterious and unknown man is therefore referred to as a time traveling hipster. But thats not the fact! Photo of a Time Traveling Hipster About the Picture. This picture supposedly showing a time traveling hipster was taken in 1940s, during the reopening A photograph from the 1940s shows nothing unusual for its time, and certainly not a timetraveling hipster. traveler caught in 1940 photo? The idea that the man in the photograph is a time Nov 15, 2016 A look into the photo known as the modern man, or time traveling hipster because why not Facebook: Morning Pages: https Man Claiming to Be Time Traveler Shows Photo Taken From the Year 6000 If youre going to be traveling to the past, you need to stay hidden. He claims they make entire ships invisible so you can watch things like the signing of the Declaration of Independence from afar.